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The UK Government’s energy policy is driven by the need to improve security of supply, reduce carbon emissions and improve affordability for customers. The Government believes that smart meters have a very important role to play in achieving its energy objectives and has mandated a nationwide roll-out. Some energy suppliers have already started to install smart electricity and gas meters in customers’ homes and under this mandate all customers in Great Britain will have smart meters installed by 2020. The smart metering assets consist of a smart electricity meter, smart gas meter, in-home display and communications hub (WAN module). The Government has estimated that the roll out of smart metering across Great Britain will require circa £11 billion worth of investment.


A lot of work is currently being undertaken to define the roll-out strategy and to develop plans for the necessary infrastructure and systems. Calvin is working closely with BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy), Ofgem and other key stakeholders to ensure that the funding aspects are properly considered and that steps are taken to reduce and eliminate the associated funding risks. In this regard we have helped to establish the Community of MAPs (CMAP) and we are heavily involved in a number of industry working groups. We are also actively supporting energy suppliers in funding their smart meter roll-outs and have already funded circa 1m smart meters


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