Managed Services

Introducing a new programme that will make working with data easier.

How Managed Services can help your business

Combining our 99.93% system accuracy and best in class technology, we are working to make our services slicker and more responsive. Our Managed Services programme will have 2 tiers starting with the launch of Tier 1 in April 2021. Tier 1 will deepen the value of Calvin’s MAP services by giving access to data enabling you to concentrate on your core business functions.   Tier 1 services will be available free of charge. 

Tier 2 services will be chargeable, leveraging our links to our sister company Lowri Beck – a leading provider of field-based metering services. These will become available throughout 2021 and into 2022, allowing you to outsource non-core activity to us. Tier 2 services can be tailor made and bespoke to your needs, removing unnecessary pain points and ensuring our experts are working on your behalf.

Why Trust us?

We have a track record in data accuracy so you can be sure yours is in safe hands. Our expertise and industry relationships mean we can de-risk the management of your smart meter portfolio. We will ensure our data and reporting allows you to make the right decisions for your business at the right time. 

The Firmware Image Service

Our first Tier 1 Managed Service is the introduction of the Firmware Image Service. We know that accessing and maintaining firmware data can be a pain. This new service will enable you to view and securely download firmware images from meter manufacturers free of charge. It’s a one stop solution that helps you keep meter firmware up to date.

Smart Commissioning & Gas Pairing

A common industry issue is that some smart meters are not properly commissioned after install. Lowri Beck have been working on a new service offering, supported by Calvin, which involves sending a non-technical field operative to your customers home to commission the meter. This is a more cost-effective solution than sending a fully qualified engineer and a recent trial has delivered a success rate of over 80%.

What's Next?

Get in touch with our Commercial Director Joe Unsworth at to understand how we can help your business.

For more information on the services we are launching and to view our Managed Services road maps, take a look at our prospectus:

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Managed Services Prospectus