Managed Services

Introducing a new programme that will make working with data easier.

Managed Services

Calvin Capital and Lowri Beck have experience across all parts of the metering industry, from procurement and sourcing, through logistics, to installation, commissioning and ongoing portfolio management. Our Managed Services use our experience and knowledge to help energy suppliers manage their smart metering programme as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We have shared objectives with suppliers to ensure that smart meters are commissioned and remain in smart mode. We can help to do this by sharing data and knowledge, and by providing access to our nationwide field force. Our expertise and industry relationships mean we can de-risk the management of your smart meter portfolio. We will ensure our data and reporting allows you to make the right decisions for your business at the right time.

Our current live services are:

The Firmware Image Service

We know that accessing and maintaining firmware data can be a pain. This service enables you to view and securely download firmware images and release paths from meter manufacturers free of charge. It’s a one stop solution that helps you keep meter firmware up to date. We have seen extensive benefits from firmware upgrade programmes with energy suppliers reporting improvements in meter read performance and connectivity.

Establishing Smart Communications

A common industry issue is that some smart meters cannot be communicated with because they were not successfully commissioned or they have lost connection to the Home Area Network. Lowri Beck has developed a service that involves sending a field support operative to your customer’s home to establish communication with the smart meter. This service is an efficient way to understand the communication status of a meter and to have an experienced meter operative providing a tailored service.

Activities carried out include Smart commissioning, Smart communication hub power cycle and battery replacement services. This is a more cost-effective solution than sending a fully qualified installation engineer, and recent programmes of work have delivered a success rate of over 80%.

What’s Next?

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For more information on the services we are launching and to view our Managed Services road maps, take a look at our prospectus:

       Calvin Capital Managed Services Prospectus