funding the
digital energy

funding the
digital energy

Calvin Capital is a leading owner and manager of essential energy infrastructure assets committed to aiding the global effort to reduce carbon emissions through the development, implementation and funding of digital energy infrastructure assets.

Calvin Capital’s origins can be traced back to Ofgem’s decision in 2000 to introduce competition into the provision of gas and electricity metering. With the advent of smart meters, the first of the new intelligent energy devices to be offered by utilities to their customers on a national basis, Calvin Capital’s meter portfolio has gradually shifted over time from traditional meters to smart meters. These devices are the first step in the digital energy transformation and are ultimately a platform for future technological advancements creating a cleaner and more sustainable energy market that is accessible by all.

Calvin Capital works closely with its customers to fund the procurement and installation of the digital assets they require.

As the energy and utilities sector continues to evolve in response to market and regulatory conditions, it is expected that new growth opportunities, such as energy storage and electric vehicle charging, will arise. As it continues to age, the energy infrastructure in Britain faces technological, political and regulatory changes that will likely support and drive the emergence of new forms of energy production and distribution. Such changes would lead to new types of energy infrastructure assets to be developed and deployed, requiring large amounts of capital expenditure to be rolled out widely. Because of Calvin’s capabilities, experience and expertise in efficiently procuring, installing, owning and managing high volumes of small-value energy infrastructure assets, expanding into adjacent infrastructure assets using Calvin’s existing business model represents a significant growth opportunity in the medium term.

Calvin Capital was founded in 2002, and benefits from a multi-disciplinary team of highly-skilled professionals with experience in establishing efficient capital structures to optimise funding costs while minimising financial risk, resulting in very competitive pricing for our customers

At Calvin Capital, we help our clients to fund their digital energy transformation to fuel efficiency and growth and are currently supporting a number of UK companies with their smart meter rollouts.

As a business, we are now looking to further this journey and are evaluating opportunities in new emerging digital technology such as EV charging and energy storage.

The new challenge is to create an affordable and sustainable energy network.

Innovative battery storage technology is a key element of the next phase of the renewable energy revolution. Reliable storage methods are necessary to maintain network stability during times of peak demand especially when green energy can’t be generated, and as the number of fossil fuelled power stations diminshes.

in the future

The UK Government, in-line with the Energy Act of 2008, set the target that energy suppliers must replace all 53 million residential and small business meters in the UK with smart meters by 2020. In September 2019, the government launched a consultation into a regulatory monitoring framework for the smart meter roll out for a period of a further 4 years (from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2024).

Calvin Capital has funded more than 4.7 million smart meters and as a leading financer, owner and manager of gas and electricity meters across the UK, is committed to continuing to support energy suppliers with their smart metering requirements including the procurement and installation of the meters.

Calvin Capital has established relationships with key stakeholders in the metering market and continues to leverage these to deliver competitive pricing and services on behalf of our clients.

We believe in providing the required financing in-conjunction with a comprehensive package of smart metering services, whereby we take ownership and effective management of the risks associated with asset tracking, churn, procurement and funding.

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At Calvin Capital, our funding activities now cover a broad and growing range of digital assets within the UK utilities industry.

We leverage our operating expertise, transaction origination capabilities and funding platforms to acquire digital assets for value. This specialised finance experience enables us to develop innovative solutions tailored to deliver maximum benefits for our clients.

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