Supporting the digital energy revolution

Calvin Capital is a leading owner and manager of essential energy infrastructure assets committed to aiding the global effort to reduce carbon emissions through the development, implementation and supporting of digital energy infrastructure assets.

A leading owner and manager of digital assets

At Calvin Capital, we procure, own and manage meter assets on behalf of our customers. After installation, we receive ongoing Meter Provision Charge (MPC) payments from customers, while retaining ownership of the meters.

Since our inception in 2002, we have recognised that different customers have different requirements. As such, Calvin is flexible in its approach and looks to provide tailored meter ownership and management throughout the life of a meter. Serving the needs of our customers has always been our strategic priority.

Calvin Capital currently holds a leading position in the British Meter Asset Provision (MAP) segment as one of the two main large independent MAPs of scale in Britain, and as a pioneer with almost 20 years of history of providing meter asset ownership and operation for energy retailers.