Emerging digital assets

Development of the digital energy infrastructure in the UK is happening at an ever-increasing pace, both at a network and consumer level and significant capital investment is required to support this change.

Our market sectors

More than ever before, companies are looking for new ways to develop innovative and flexible structures to acquire emerging assets, either for their own business use or for the benefit of their customers.

At Calvin Capital, our financial strength and pedigree, enable us to develop innovative and flexible structures, leveraging our expertise to acquire assets and pay for their installation.

This specialised solution can help businesses generate stable, sustainable cash flows whilst only requiring minimal ongoing capital expenditure.

Calvin Capital has identified a number of priority market sectors, including EV Charging and Energy Storage and we are currently working with stakeholders, from across the sector to support them with projects in these areas.

As always, we are flexible in our approach and keen to talk with interested parties about any requirements they may have.

We recognise the important role emerging technology is set to play in the development of smart technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) and in the new sustainable energy market.

As such, our asset management activities seek to cover a broad and growing range of digital assets within the utilities industry, leveraging our operating expertise, transaction capabilities and access capital to acquire assets and pay for their installation.

This specialised asset finance experience enables us to develop innovative solutions tailored to deliver maximum benefits for our customers.