smart metering

smart metering

Energy suppliers are responsible for supplying, installing and maintaining certified gas and electricity meters in the homes and premises of their customers across the UK. Calvin Capital works in partnership with them to provide funding for their metering programmes which covers the procurement and installation of the smart metering set which includes the gas meter, electricity meter, gas regulator, In Home Display (IHD) and any required ancillary equipment.

The majority of meters in Great Britain are currently of traditional functionality in terms of their ability to provide live, accurate energy consumption information to customers. In order to comply with EU legislation to encourage consumers to reduce energy consumption, the Government has mandated that energy suppliers exchange all such traditional meters in domestic and small business premises with smart meters by 2020 which equates to approximately 53 million electricity and gas meters.

Smart meters are set to be the cornerstone of the smart energy system of the future, potentially saving Great Britain up to £40 billion between 2018 and 2050.”

Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy

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our smart
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This large-scale replacement project has an associated capital investment of around £11 billion and more than ever before energy suppliers will need the very best professional support. Calvin Capital has the experience and solutions to provide this and to date has funded approximately 3.5 million smart meters (totalling a portfolio of over 7 million meters). We also have well-established relationships with key stakeholders in the metering market, and continue to leverage these to deliver competitive funding and professional smart metering services on behalf of our clients.

Calvin Capital doesn’t provide funding in isolation, but also incorporates a comprehensive package of smart metering services, whereby we take ownership and effective management of the risks associated with asset tracking, churn, procurement and funding.

This ensures that our clients are provided with the assets and asset information they require to properly service their customers’ needs. In addition, the risks associated with funding and owning a large meter portfolio on behalf of our clients are managed and mitigated.


Calvin works in partnership with customers to select the manufacturers and establish supply contracts with them. In our experience this collaborative aspect is essential with both parties developing and agreeing the most appropriate sourcing strategy.


Under our proposition the coordination of logistics lies with Calvin. It is our responsibility to liaise with the manufacturers to ensure that they deliver the required volumes to our clients on time. Calvin has vast experience in this field with skilled staff and systems in place, enabling us to undertake this activity and manage any risks effectively.


Calvin has continuously invested in the development of a bespoke asset tracking system which monitors the status of each asset from delivery to installation and through to removal. This activity has to be undertaken effectively to ensure that uninstalled stock is managed correctly, installed assets are billed accurately and assets which are removed are recorded along with the reason for their removal.


Calvin has contracts in place with various key stakeholders such as energy suppliers, meter manufacturers, logistics providers, test houses and meter service providers. We have strong contract management capabilities which allow us to manage contracts successfully.


Ideally, assets should only be removed at the end of their operating life. However, in practice, they will be removed for various other reasons such as fault, customer damage and sometimes when not faulty. Calvin has developed systems and processes for the effective management of removed assets. Assets which have been removed prematurely can sometimes be recycled. Calvin has established processes and commercial arrangements with manufacturers and other providers to refurbish and test assets so that they can be reused.


Calvin has worked with all the UK energy suppliers over the past 14 years to develop excellent working relationships and effective churn arrangements. We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately track assets through the churn process and subsequently provide customers with accurate and timely invoices.